Audio Systems

Sound & Vision Professional is licensed a dealer in SpeakerCraft brand of audio systems. Whether it be beautiful music, important news, the weather, traffic or talk-radio, SpeakerCraft’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers brings it to you in every room of your home.

SpeakerCraft has developed new technology that dramatically improves the sound quality of loudspeakers. Whether you want to listen to high fidelity audio or enjoy your home theater system, SpeakerCraft delivers.

Speaker types

There are different types of speakers and each type has its own advantages. You have In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers,
Sub Woofers, Box Speakers and Outdoor Speakers.

Authorized Dealer

Sound & Vision professionals is the authorized dealer for all the SpeakerCraft sound systems.

If you want more information about SpeakerCraft speakers and their specifications, you can visit SpeakerCraft at their website at


SpeakerCraft has also designed the best feature no other manufacturer has, which is a lifetime warranty. What better way to top off the finest architectural loudspeaker line in the world than with a peace of mind?