Video Conferencing

Sound & Vision Professional makes use of Polycom Conference Room Solutions for your video conference occasions. From Entry level to Performance, Polycom Conference Room Solutions has offerings to meet the needs of any meeting room.

Polycom Conference Room Solutions are designed for optimal face-to-face communications and enhance the experience of a meeting over video conferencing, making each meeting seamless and integrated.


Polycom offers solutions for different types of machines for different uses of video conferencing, whether it be Desktop conferencing, Office conferencing or Conference Room conferencing.


Room Rental

A conference room equipped with the latest technology is available in our office. Access the universe of video-conferencing in a functionally efficient environment. For pricing and more information, please contact us at (+5999) 465-2010.

About Polycom

Polycom is the worldwide leader in market share for best in class group and personal video systems, video and voice collaboration infrastructures and conference phones.

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