Video Conference

Another important component of video conferences is high quality display and aside from high-end projectors, Sound & Vision also offers state-of-the-art projection screens. Our line of quality projection screens come in a variety of models: portable, electric, manual pull downs, rear projection and permanent wall projection screens.

Besides projection screens, Sound & Vision also offers brackets and mounts to integrate fully into any audio-visual installation. With the most comprehensive range of projection screens and related products, we offer a solution for virtually any presentation needs.

Screen Types

Sound & Vision sells different types of screens because almost every installation demands a custom solution. This includes Tripod Screens, Manual Wall Screens and Electric Wall Screens.

Screen Fabric

The fabric of the screen is important for the brightness and contrast. The two most popular types of fabrics are the Matt-White type of fabric and the High Contrast Gray type of fabric.

Screen Sizes

Popular screen sizes are: 6ft., 7ft., 8ft. and 10 ft diagonal. We stock screens that are 4:3 (NTSC/PAL and PC screen size) and 16:9 (HDTV widescreen) format.